Bordetella hinzii (B. hinzii, B. pseudohinzii)

  • An emerging pathogen in laboratory mice in Australia and Japan (cases seen in the USA)
  • At present we have not isolated this organism from other species
  • Has been shown to interfere significantly with research protocols that incorporate respiratory pathology and immunocompromised strains
  • Gram-negative rod-shaped bacteria
  • Primarily colonized in the upper and lower respiratory tract
  • Clinical signs in immune- and/or respiratory function compromised mice:
    • sneezing, chattering, weight loss, hunched posture, ruffled coat, inactivity, and dyspnea
  • Identified as a cause of tracheobronchitis and mild bronchopneumonia
  • Emerging pathogen - exact pathogenesis and transmission being investigated
  • Evidence of transmission by aerosol and direct contact
  • Preferred - Bacterial culture of nasotracheal wash
  • Oral swab culture
  • PCR testing of oropharyngeal or lung tissue and confirmation of suspected cultures
  • ELISA testing of serum and DBS samples
  • Histopathology with special stains on affected tissues (lungs or nasal cavity)
  • Immuno- and/or respiratory function compromised animals are more susceptible to disease
  • Organism appears to be persistent in the nasal cavity (morbidity unknown)
  • Environmental persistence is not expected to be of a high degree (investigations are continuing)
  • Pre-eminent disinfection procedures are not required
  • Incorporated into all screening programs that rely on evaluation of respiratory bacteria
Prevention and Control
  • Bacteriological screening of all animal imports from overseas and nationally, prior to contact with or movement into the facility
  • No data to support other techniques of pathogen exclusion at present
  • Eradication protocols have not been reported
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