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At Cerberus Sciences we provide Genotyping service that aims to assist research groups and animal facilities to maintain the true genotype of their animal models in a timely and cost effective way. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information about this service.
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Strain-specific genotyping for common research models
* Other Strain-specific genotyping on request.
Genotyping for genetically engineered animals
We are able to customize the JAX lab genotyping protocol to our facility and also able to convert your existing traditional gel based PCR genotyping protocol into real-time format to maintain high-throughput analysis with increased sensitivity and specificity.
Common transgene Assays
Assays are able to detect common transgene fragment found in many transgenic animals.
* Other common transgene assay on request.
Zygosity Testing
Identifying homozygous and hemizygous/heterozygous transgenic animals is important for breeding programs for transgenic colonies. Real-time PCR is used to replace the southern blotting method for zygosity testing. It produces rapid and accurate results for identifying the zygosity status of animals compared with the traditional southern blotting method. Two-fold differences of unknown samples are measured through delta-delta CT analysis compared with the known heterozygous controls. 
Examples of Zygosity results
Copy number analysis
Using real-time PCR, we are able to determine absolute or relative copy number of the transgenic animals. Information may be valuable to identify stability of transgene and may have significant phenotypic effects in transgenic models.
Gender Determination Assays
Available for embryos, newborn pups, tissues or ES cells of mouse.
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