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Cerberus Sciences offers testing, investigative and health monitoring services for the small and exotic animal veterinary community. Our range includes serology, bacteriology, parasitology, molecular testing, and histopathology for disease investigations.
Rabbits are becoming an increasingly popular companion animal throughout Australia, partly due to their endearing, unique and loving nature.
The list of tests may not be exhaustive and if you have further enquiries please contact us.
Encephalitozoon cuniculi (ECUN) is a common and potentially deadly pathogen of rabbits which has prompted growing concern and heightened demand for regular screening.  In addition to our standard qualitative reporting, we now offer titre testing for rabbits seropositive for IgG against ECUN.
For further information on ECUN and IgG antibodies click here.
For current prices, please contact us.
Serology tests
The use of the Dried Blood Spots for serology sample submission have enhanced simplicity of sample collection and transportation.
Titre Testing
Bacteriology Tests
A variety of tests can be performed on easily obtained samples types for the listed agents.
Parasitology Tests
A variety of tests can be performed on easily obtained samples types for the listed agents.
Molecular Tests
PCR is used a confirmatory test for bacterial agents and parasites or as an initial test depending on the sample type received. Some Molecular tests of interest are listed below.  
Histopathology for Disease Investigations
Our veterinary pathologist, Dr. Lorna Rasmussen, has over 25 years’ experience in veterinary anatomical and clinical pathology incorporating companion animals, production animals, African wildlife, exotic species and laboratory animals.
Her expertise in conjunction with patient clinical history enables us to investigate the possible aetiology and pathogenesis of the symptoms and/or syndrome. Pathologic lesions and fluids can also be submitted for examination.
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