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Our Company

Established in 2003, Cerberus Sciences has grown to be the largest provider of services for the Laboratory Animal community in the region. With two ISO certified laboratories - Melbourne and Adelaide - we have become recognised for our fast, efficient and knowledgeable relationships with our client base.
Cerberus Sciences
Quality is the cornerstone of our business philosophy, and quality is only achieved by having the right people in place. All of our staff have extensive experience in their particular area of expertise and every effort is made to ensure that the results we produce are accurate and backed up by a rigorous quality assurance program.
Innovation and a desire to ensure that we keep up to date with all aspects of laboratory animal science have resulted in a huge expansion of our capabilities, with many tests being developed in-house.
Personalisation of service and the introduction of easy communication channels such as CerberNet, demonstrate our commitment to developing co-operative relationships with our client base. 
Over a decade of service
There is always space for improvement, no matter how long we have been in the business.
From small beginnings, great things grow.

Cerberus Sciences begin operations in Adelaide October 2003.

Initial services consist of Serology and traditional Molecular

Testing (PCR).


First client: Queensland Institute of Medical Research.


Services offered: 

•  Serology - Elisa & IFA

•  PCR - Conventional


Due to client demand the range of services is expanded to include Pathology, Histopathology, Parasitology and Bacteriology.


DAWE QAP Status (5.2 Biologicals) granted.


Services added:

  • Parasitology

  • Bacteriology

  • Pathology & Histopathology


The "Big Tick" is given and the Adelaide laboratory is given ISO 9001 certification for: Laboratory animal testing and disease investigation.


Certified services: 

  • Serology

  • PCR

  • Parasilotogy

  • Bacteriology

  • Pathology & Histopathology


Expansion into Melbourne with a laboratory opened in the Monash University Clayton Campus. All Pathology services transfered to Melbourne.


ISO 9001 certification archive for Melbourne facility.


Certified services offered - Melbourne:

  • Parasitology

  • Bacteriology

  • Pathology & Histopathology


Melbourne Laboratory moves to large site in Scoresby.


OGTR certification obtained to allow for GM Pathology work.


Animal Holding (Short Term) in EVC Caging system.


Increased capacity for Pathology work.


Joined ICLAS Performance Evaluation Program for Serology and Microbiology. Start of R&D program into investigation of better methods for monitoring of IVC and related systems.


Expansion and improvement of Molecular Testing capabilities incorporating Rt-PCR and high resolution melt curve analysis.


Services added:

  • Real Time PCR & HRM

  • Research


A changing of the guard in Melbourne with Dr. Lorna Rasmussen taking charge of the Laboratory.


Pathology Services recommence in Adelaide with the addition Dr. Liz McInnes to the team.


Services added:

  • Genotyping


Construction of new laboratory in Adelaide commences. 


Innovative "Box within a box" design delivers high bio-security, efficient energy footprint and ease of access for all services. Laboratory layout based around workflow practices.


First Necropsy Workshops conducted in Melbourne in conjunction with the ANZLAA Conference.


Services added:

  • Training


New Adelaide laboratory fully commissioned and operational.


QAP certification for Biologicals and Laboratory Animals. OGTR certification obtained.


First peer reviewed journal article Lab Animal Vol40 No11 341-350; Prevalence of viral, bacterial and parasitological diseases in rats and mice used in research environments in Australia over a 5 year period.


Inducted as an ICLAS Network laboratory with first Performance Evaluation Program samples from C.I.E.A. (Japan) submitted to Cerberus for checking before being added to QA panel.


FELASA certification process begins.


Introduction of automated DNA/RNA extraction using the QiaSymphony platform.


Development of CerberNet - A Web Based Client Interface for Sample Submission and Result Retrieval.


PCR based diagnostic services for Zebrafish facilities.


Release of CerberNet - A Web Based Client Interface for Sample Submission and Result Retrieval.


ICLAS Associate Member granted.

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