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Rabbit Health Monitoring Profiles (HMP)

Heath Monitoring Profiles (HMP) are designed to produce comprehensive results whilst minimizing costs. If you require flexibility, we can create custom panels to suit your requirements. 
Health Monitoring Profiles: Health Monitoring Panels (HMP)
HMP: HMP Panels combine different technologies: bacteriology, parasitology, molecular testing and histology. These panels include basic, full, and comprehensive options.
For increased reliability in microbiological detection and lower costs, Cerberus Sciences recommends live animals be tested for the HMP Panels. Live animal submissions include:
  • External examination and description of lesions by veterinary pathologist and/or experienced technician
  • Humane euthanasia and necropsy
  • Inclusive sample collection and 3 months archiving for follow up testing
However, if you wish to use survival sampling you can find the preferred sample type for each test here.
For current prices, please contact us.
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